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Thoughts of You, Mother

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My earliest memories of you, Mother, are made up of very special feelings ...
... feelings of warmth, safety and contentment
and I know it's because you were always there taking good care of me.

I remember how you encouraged me
because you always knew what I was doing
even when I didn't.

I remember times you comforted me over a disappointment or a sadness
and how happy you would be for me when things were going well.
I remember how you listened patiently to my ever-forming thoughts and ideas.

But most of all, I remember you
. . . wise, helpful and caring . . .
always believing in me and loving me.

I'll always be glad for these memories, Mother, and I love you for each and every one.
Your friendship and faith in me have helped me find my way in life.

I know that if I've turned out even a little bit like you hoped I would,
then all you've done for me and all the love that guided you
will have been worthwhile.

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